churchbuildingJanuary 26, 1893, Central Baptist Church was organized. By October 1, 1893, Frank C. Colby became the first Pastor, and the members numbered 99. On July 26, 1894, the cornerstone was laid, and on December 28, 1894, Central Baptist Church was dedicated. (The property cost $3,600., and the church cost $20,000.)

The building dimension of 60 feet on Highland Avenue, with a depth of 90 feet on Third Avenue, is an imposing and impressive structure. The tower is 12 feet square, and 72 feet in height. According to the deed, the church could not have a bell; therefore, a beacon light was used to shine from the tower for the evening services.

Pastorate of our church has been held by 16 pastors, and the Sunday School has been led by 18 superintendents.

Biblically, we know that our church is not our magnificent building. The church is the people of God, redeemed by His grace and committed to do His will.

A more detailed history of the origins of Central Baptist Church can be found here.