Happening at Central Baptist Church, Wednesday, July 26, 2017

1. The Budget Committee met on Tuesday evening to evaluate the budget in view of our quarterly meeting scheduled for Sunday, August 6, 2017 after the Worship Service. The members of the Budget Committee are: Jim McCandless, Larry Russell, John Taylor, Kelly Taylor, Michael Reuter, Jamie Reuter, Josh Greeley, Emily Swiger and Pastor George. The financial report and other reports will be sent via email next week.

2. The Men's Bible Study continues the study of the apostles and this morning was Apostle John.

3. This month and next month, while Pastor is not teaching at the seminary, he welcomes meetings with church members in the office or at the homes of our church members. Please call for an appointment.

4. We have 25 new road signs to be distributed in our community announcing the Good News at the Gazebo.  We also have about 30 window signs that need to be distributed in various shops in the community. The road signs are on the outside of the church office and the window signs are in the Kraft Room. Stop by and help us with the distribution.

5. Activities here at Central Baptist Church:

   9:00 - Sunday School Classes for children and youth

  10:00 - Worship Service and the dedication of Ava Ganley

  11:11 - Coffee Hour Fellowship

  11:45 - Bible Study for Adults

Have a blessed week and live as child of the Most Holy God.

Pastor George