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Sun, Feb 26, 2017
Passage: John 14:1-17
Duration: 24 mins 26 secs
Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life!
Sun, Feb 19, 2017
Qualities and characteristics that one gives to the next generations.
Sun, Feb 12, 2017
Our extended family is one for all and all for one. "If God is for us, who can be against us?" (Romans 8:32)
Sun, Feb 05, 2017
As we all die in Adam, so shall we be made alive in Christ.
Sun, Jan 29, 2017
Passage: Psalm 146
Series: Psalms
Duration: 27 mins 34 secs
We are not only observing history, we are making history in our time!
Sun, Jan 22, 2017
Passage: Psalm 124
Series: Psalms
Duration: 29 mins 33 secs
The world is cruel, but our help is from the Lord who made heaven and earth.
Sun, Jan 15, 2017
Passage: Psalm 100
Series: Psalms
Duration: 24 mins 3 secs
Do not wait until you get to heaven to praise God. Let us go to the House of the Lord!
Sun, Jan 08, 2017
Passage: Psalm 90:1-17
Series: Psalms
Duration: 22 mins 59 secs
God indeed has established the work of Moses' hands, for we have the Judeo-Christian heritage that built the Western World, and most judicial systems are based on the Ten Commandments.
Sun, Jan 01, 2017
Passage: Psalm 84:1-12
Series: Psalms
Duration: 28 mins
Has the House of the Lord lost its centrality in our lives? What must happen at CBC to be comparable to the psalm?
Sun, Dec 25, 2016
Duration: 30 mins 31 secs
The birth of every child, including Jesus, is surrounded by difficulties, but also great joy.